Monday, April 18, 2011

African Bush Elephant Head Study - Progressions 1

I tend to get bored easily with just one drawing (typical me!) so yesterday I started this elephant. He's more of a study drawing. I'm concentrating only on the head features to learn more about the textures of his skin and his anatomy. Elephants are amazing intelligent and highly sociable animals. Sadly we're seeing more and more news of poaching going on for their ivory. The iconic Musango Bull was killed last year by a trophy hunter. A sad ending to a magnificent tusker such as he was. I've used 4H, 2H, H and HB so far on this drawing.


  1. Hey I stumbled on your blog from Daniel's sight. I saw your profile pic of your white lion and was inspired! I love your work and just wanted to encourage a fellow artist. It's cool to find someone with similar style. :)

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi Natalie! Aww thank you just saw your comments in my reader. Much appreciated!!! I'll come over and visit your blog and say Hi thanks heaps for all your great comments!