Monday, February 18, 2013


 I finished this yesterday. It's only a sketch rather than an indepth study. I was more interested in the way the mane and the facial muscles altered with the resting pose Abdullah had on his front paws. Lions aren't easy to draw. They have so many small details to consider. One more finished page in my visual diary done.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Abdullah - Work in progress 1

This lion was a big part of my life for nearly three years. He lives at a local Lion Park about an hours drive from me. Abdullah had been hand raised and sadly also declawed. He's a beautiful big African Lion who had a very distinct personality. He used to greet me whenever I visited and he knew my car well. This is a study drawing I have in my visual diary. That day he was resting in the sun looking rather bored with everything after having a big feed of horse meat. I love lions I'd prefer they are in the wild rather than locked in an enclosure. Sadly the reality is this lion was captive bred and will never see his parents African home. I'm just doing this one as a practice sketch for my own enjoyment.