Friday, November 2, 2012

African Lion (untitled) Work in Progress - Progressions

These are the progressions so far based on a Lion I photographed a year ago when I was still involved with Zion. This is a male named Aslan. He was only two metres away (with a fence between us) watching the pair of cheetahs that were in the enclosure next door. At the moment the last image looks like he's cross eyed. I still have to deepen the eyes then enhance the light shine so it gives the right effect. I was asked one time about which colours to use for these cats. Frankly I go on intuition. I haven't had any formal art training. The Lion Aid picture is on hold while I take another look at it then have a rethink. At the moment it's a bit of a creative disaster. It happens sometimes. You think you've got it ,then take another look and it's a complete botch up. I think the other project will be a complete redo, but Lion Aid will still end up with something they can sell on to raise funds for their work in raising awareness of the increasing decimation of these magnificent predators. I do this because simply I love it. Lions seem to me my strength. I had so much to do with them especially in the last couple of years. They were captive cats kept in enclosures so I could easily photograph them well aware of the safety needed even with a fence between myself and the cats. Lions regardless of what people think are first and foremost an Apex Predator, and should be accorded the respect they absolutely deserve. My Ultimate Goal is to one day get to Africa somewhere and see these stunning cats in a wild state.

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